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Our company is complete with a specialized engineering team in the field of civil, architectural, electrical instruments, and mechanical, serve to provide solutions for Clients in providing the right and efficient design so can obtain maximum result in accordance with the Client’s desire for realizing a plant formation process.
Our company offers competitive “Engineering Service” to Customers/Clients, especially in the civil field, architecture, electrical, piping and mechanical.
Our engineering team provide engineering details with solutions to Clients to get the right and efficient design that fits with Client’s wishes.

Procurement of goods is at once as the main factor so that construction process can be realized. Selection of the right equipment and materials according to specifications can be determining factor for the formation of efficient plan. So that the time target, cost, and quality will always be controlled accurately.

The implementation phase is the most important factor in creating an EPC process. Be equipped with experienced personnel who are experts in their respective fields including civil, structure, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrument also be equipped with complete equipment and the availability of abrication workshop, which is to support the smooth running of a project plan in terms of quality, cost and time. In the construction process also always refers to our International Organization for Standardization of quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system.


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