The plant Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) was construction at Grati, Pasuruan, East Java Province, Indonesia. The CNG facility is consist of following equipment : Gas liquid separator system, Gas drying & H2S adsorption system, Gas compression system, CNG cylinders storage package, Heat exchanger and metering systems.

The utility for supporting CNG plant are consisting fuel gas system, Gas Power Generation, Air instrument package, Waste Heat recovery unit, Pumps, Cooling Tower, Water Treatment package and sump systems.
The incoming gas is taken from existing pipe than being compressed to CNG cylinders by CNG compressor. CNG storage will be performed maximum at 20 hours/day and decanting phase will be performed on peak load with in 4 hours/day (17.00 to 21.00). The design capacity of CNG plant is 15 MMCFD gas to the CNG storage cylinders.

Waste heat recovery units is provided to utilize the energy from exhaust compressor gas engine to reduce joule Thompson effect on the pressure reducing systems. The WHRU will heat water from tank which will utilized as heating media of the CNG gas on CNG heat exchanger.

Cooling water system which consisting of cooling tower, circulation pumps and CNG cooler will be provide to optimize the requirement of CNG cylinder.

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