Pilot implementation of marine CNG technology is here considered to transport gas from Gresik facilities to a receiving point located in Lombok (about 300 Nautical Miles from Gresik). The gas will be utilized as feed gas to power plant in order to cope with peak electricity demand in the evening time (from 14:00 to 20:00) and, therefore, the gas shall be decompressed by pressure regulating system in order to fulfill pressure requirement at Lombok Power Plant.

After the CNG Vessel Carrier arrives at offloading terminal at Lombok, CNG will be transferred via piping to CNG Storage (T-201~330) on shore by natural pressure. After pressure balance is achieved between CNG Storage (T-201~330) and cylinder storage in CNG vessel carrier, then CNG Pressure Reducing Unit and Compression System are used for emptying the cylinder storage.

CNG  will  be  decompressed  by  Pressure  Reducing  Unit  from  250  barg  to  42  barg  to  meet  the  inlet pressure and temperature required by Power Plant Lombok. CNG then will flow through metering system, to  measure  the  volume  of  gas  for  custody  transfer  and  transfer  via  pipeline  to  Power  Plant  Lombok  to generate electricity of 90 MW during 5 peak hours, started from 17.00 to 22.00.



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